Built for farmers

The Hone Lab Red is a grain analyser trusted to test the protein and moisture of wheat and barley quickly and easily with a small sample size. Unlike traditional grain analysers, the Hone Lab Red can go anywhere. Measuring your grain at the silos, grain bags or coming off the header, you can ensure you’re making well-informed decisions about storage, blending and marketing strategies.


Rugged, accurate and reliable

Efficiency gains is important to our customers. Your device comes ready to use and easy to set up. Simply pair the Hone Lab Red to the HoneLab app, insert your grain sample to the chamber, follow the steps to test the sample and view your results.
"When I use the Hone device, it's honestly pretty easy. You just fill up the capsule, hit the scan button and the results show on your phone. Once you've got the knowledge on your wheat quality, you can make smarter decisions about where to store it."

Adam Hoare, Poomah Farms – Customer since 2022

Good Design Awards - Gold Winner

The Hone Lab Red was a Gold Winner recipient for 'Engineering Design' and 'Product Design - Commercial and Industrial' at the Good Design Awards 2021 Australia. The Good Design Awards recognise products that are reliable, user-friendly and intuitive.

IP67 Certification

The IP code or ingress protection code indicates how well a device is protected against water and dust. It is defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) under the international standard IEC 60529 which classifies and provides a guideline to the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water.
IP67 represents one of the highest levels of protection offered by an IP rating. This rating provides complete protection against ingress of dust and airborne particles and protection against water and liquids, up to and including immersion in up to one meter of water


Handheld Device, rapid results

The Hone Lab Red is a high powered, on-farm measurement device that delivers results quickly with Hones custom-built machine learning and software applications.

Rugged and Versatile Design

The device is designed, built and tested in Australia for Australian conditions. The Hone Lab Red is a recipient of two Good Design Gold Awards and has achieved IP67 certification.

Intuitive and Cloud connected Software

Hone’s simple-to-use mobile, tablet and desktop apps allows you to easily view and access results on the go.