At Hone, our ethos lies in enabling anyone, anywhere, to test what they want, when they want.


Founders Story

Hone’s journey began with the vision of our founders – Jamie Flynn, Antony Martin, and William Palmer. Their commitment to bringing the lab to the field, disrupting traditional agricultural practices, and empowering farmers, has laid the foundation for the company.


Dr. Jamie Flynn

As a co-founder of Hone, Jamie’s journey started in 2016 at the University of Newcastle, driven by a vision to democratise agricultural technology. Facing challenges, he prioritised transparency, resilience, and a commitment to the industry’s unique needs.
“Hone’s distinctiveness lies in turning routine tasks into extraordinary opportunities. Today, our focus extends beyond grain and soil, envisioning the Hone Lab Red as a comprehensive on-farm testing instrument for the entire agricultural cycle. Our journey reflects the power of perseverance, transparency, and dedication to redefining standards in agriculture.” – Dr. Jamie Flynn.


Peter Johnston

Our Managing Director, Peter Johnston (PJ) brings a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the agricultural technology landscape to the team at Hone. As a key member of our board, PJ provides strategic direction, ensuring Hone continues to thrive and innovate in the ever-evolving ag tech industry.
“At Hone, we redefine possibility by empowering farmers to test anything, anywhere. We don’t just disrupt, we lead—partnering strategically and championing real world outcomes for our customers. We thrive on dialogue, inviting all to witness the evolution of impactful, innovation that shapes the future of agriculture.” – Peter Johnston.



GrainCorp, an iconic Australian agriculture company with a rich history spanning over 100 years, has played a pivotal role in connecting growers to domestic and international markets. Founded to bridge the gap between local farmers and wider markets, the company has undergone a significant transformation since its privatisation in the 1990s. This change has been marked by a commitment to adding value to the commodities produced by farmers, emphasising the enhancement of quality and profitability in the agricultural sector.
Jesse Scott, Chief Innovation and Growth Officer at GrainCorp, articulates the history between Hone and GrainCorp:
“We’ve been working with Hone from the very beginning of their journey, as we saw a unique opportunity in their technology to empower growers to make informed decisions about monetising their farm products.”
“Hone is about broadening or democratising the access to that technology, allowing anybody in the agriculture value chain to measure, certify, and really understand the quality of what’s moving through that system.”



Hone’s journey has been marked by significant milestones. From inception to commercialisation, our timeline showcases the dedication, hard work, and continuous innovation that has propelled us forward.
2016 – The Beginning
Established as Rapid Phenotyping in 2016, Hone was founded by three PhD researchers at the University of Newcastle.
2018 – Minimum Viable Product
Hone develops its first predictive models for grain quality measurement.
2020 – Hardware Release
The first Hone Lab is released.
2021 – Expansion
GrainCorp becomes a strategic investor, enabling Hone to expand its operations and explore potential industry applications. Hone’s On-Farm Grain Analyser receives the Gold Winner award at the Good Design Awards.
2022 – Focus
Reaching a peak of 38 staff and addressing 14 industry applications, Hone narrows its focus to emphasise core strengths and capabilities.
2023 – Today
Hone holds 9 patents, 2 registered designs, and 12 trademarks. The company, now with 20 employees, is rapidly advancing the development of core capabilities in soil carbon and grain testing applications.

Each milestone represents a step closer to realising our vision of being a global leader in agricultural technology.


Shaping the future of agriculture technology

At Hone, we are not just transforming agriculture; we are pioneering a future where data-driven decisions empower farmers globally.

Our strategic vision

Hone’s strategy revolves around knowing our market and understanding our customers. We don’t sell products; we co-create solutions with the market. We believe that collaboration and customer-centricity are the cornerstones of success.

Openness and collaboration

We value transparency, and as an investor, your expertise is more than capital. We seek strategic partners willing to be integral to Hone’s growth.

Data-driven evolution

In an era of artificial intelligence (AI), the demand for data is soaring. Hone is at the forefront, creating valuable data that supports informed decisions.

What makes Hone different?

By addressing multiple verticals in one device with simple subscription ‘add-ons’, Hone is able to provide better value to the customer whilst realising higher revenues from one piece of hardware.

Join us in reshaping the landscape of agricultural technology

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