About Hone


Our Technology

Founded in 2019

Hone delivers solutions in spectroscopy for a range of applications. At Hone, our mission is to empower you with the freedom to conduct tests when you want for when you need them. We are committed to delivering accurate data, providing you with the insights needed to make informed decisions.
Advancements in machine learning technology have made it possible to harness the power of Hone Create, a tool designed for constructing chemometric models and generating results through intricate mathematical algorithms.
Hone aims to be the global leader in spectroscopy measurement solutions while improving efficiency for the benefit of our business partners, and our shared environment.

Our Purpose

At Hone, we have a commitment to providing Primary Producers with real-time data, measuring quality attributes in agricultural production systems, from grain to pasture, soil to leaf tissue, we know better measurement means better management. Through utilising Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, Hone’s solutions allow you to make data driven decisions that provide actionable outcomes that create value.

The Mission

Create opportunities for better management and decision-making through improved measurement in the agricultural industry, benefitting the environment, its custodians, and our stakeholders.

How we do this

Application Innovation -

Design, develop and deploy Chemometric models that create data that can be used to solve real-world problems.

Know our Customer -

Understand and appreciate the challenges our technology overcomes from a commercial perspective.

Scalable technology -

Develop engineering principles and practices, allowing our technology to be scalable by volume and geography.

Partner for Success -

In Model Building, Scientific and Technical Validation, and Market Access.

Our Values

Ownership at all times “Hone (Own) it”

At Hone, we care deeply about everything that we do. We operate with respect and integrity in everything we do. We care about our customers; we care about how we act and the responsibilities that we own.

Collaboration is King

We partner for success. We continue to search out the “best in breed” in employees, research, customer access, hardware, design, digital platforms, and infrastructure to partner deeply and synergistically.

Innovate with purpose

Innovation is in our DNA. At Hone, we cultivate a culture where innovation and disruption are celebrated, driving us to create definable opportunities in agriculture that are feasible, viable and desirable.

Humility with confidence

We know what we are and what we are not. We are part of the solution that will drive productivity and sustainability to agriculture worldwide, as a critical component of a much wider ecosystem.


We get in and have a go. We embody the willingness to approach any obstacle with determination and tenacity.

ACIAR Pacific Soils Workshop in Fiji


Working with Industry

Hone is dedicated to actively participating in diverse sectors, collaborating with prominent industry organisations and nationally accredited research laboratories. See some of our clients below.


Good Design Awards - Gold Winner

The Hone Lab Red was a Gold Winner recipient for 'Engineering Design' and 'Product Design - Commercial and Industrial' at the Good Design Awards 2021 Australia. The Good Design Awards recognise products that are reliable, user-friendly and intuitive.